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2023 Climate Solutions Symposium:
Texas, the Energy Capital of the Planet, Can and Should Lead

ECH Student Center

 We are pleased to announce the 2nd ECH Climate Solutions Symposium. The first was held  virtually on August 22, 2020.

This half-day symposium will be held at the University of Houston Student Center Theater [4455 University Dr #103/203, Houston, TX 77204on Saturday, April 22, 2023, 1:00-4:00pm, followed by a Meet-and-Greet in the Student Center’s Ballroom, 4:00-5:30pm.


The symposium will feature three important climate solution initiatives, the Sustainable Energy Corps, Let’s Make Texas More Reliable and Cleaner, and Global Solutions and Outreach Programs.


Registration is available here

Cost is $10 for in-person and $10 for virtual streaming.  Virtual Registration will CLOSE on Friday April 21st.    Student registration is free using discount code [student2023]. This is entered after selecting the $10 charge and clicking NEXT to enter the discount code in the box on the succeeding page.

Note: Virtual links will be sent out on Friday April 21st and again on Saturday April 22nd.

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There will be a very brief Q/A after each presentation, followed by a panel Q/A to conclude the symposium.

Sustainable Energy Corps (SEC)

AlgerMontgomery (Monty) Alger, PhD ChE 

Monty is a professor at Penn State University. In 2020, he was the President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

SEC intends to engage one million students worldwide with industry to focus on reducing atmospheric GHG concentrations in the transition to net zero and in the process, produce graduating engineers with better skill sets to achieve the transition.


Improved Texas Grid Reliability through Natural Gas Microgrids 


Joel Yu, MBA, BS Chemical Engineering

Vice President, Policy,  Enchanted Rock LLC

Joel is a seasoned energy policy leader, engaged in advocacy at the state and federal levels promoting policies that improve air emissions, enhance grid resilience, and level the playing field for distributed energy resources and microgrids.


Solutions for moving ERCOT off fossil fuel dependency while improving reliability and keeping energy costs low

Preston2Eugene (Gene) Preston, PhD EE

Gene is an expert in transmission, distribution, and reliability of electric grids. He spoke at the first ECH Climate Solutions Symposium in 2020 on Electrification of Transportation, Max Renewables while Maintaining Reliability, Max Renewables using Nuclear and Storage. Gene will present a proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ERCOT electricity generation while maintaining grid reliability.

Nuclear in Support of Industrial Applications and Grid Reliability


Caleb Tomlin, MS Systems Engineering

Senior Technical Leader, Electric Power Research Institute

Mr. Tomlin’s research focuses on integrating nuclear with hydrogen production, chemical processing, manufacturing, and the support of a flexible electric grid. In addition to his work with EPRI, he supports programs within the International Atomic Energy Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, looking to utilize nuclear in new and novel cases.


Global Solutions and Outreach Programs (GSOP)

Hutchinson2Richard (Dick) Hutchinson, PhD ChE

In the 1990s, Dick led a U.S. Army project to figure out how the United States can best protect itself against biological and chemical terrorism. That three-year project required almost 300 full-time professionals and employed a technique now known as the Wicked Problem Approach (WPA). In 2019, Dick’s book People’s Assessment of Global Warming described using WPA to figure out the
best action plans nationally, regionally, and globally to resolve global warming.


Symposium Chair

Rehm2Thomas E. (Tom) Rehm, PhD ChE

Tom admits to being unconcerned about the effects of global warming until 2017. “Having come to his senses,” he has dedicated his life to figuring out what to do about it. Tom is involved in several climate solution initiatives, three with the AIChE (The Climate Solutions Community,  Sustainable Energy Corps, and Climate Solutions Policy Initiative); Global Solutions and Outreach Programs; Let’s Make Texas More Reliable and Cleaner; and The Foundation for Climate Restoration. Tom is the ECH Climate Solutions Liaison.