Previous Luncheon Meeting Presentations

  • Jeff Pinsky and Dianna Ramirez, USACE Galveston District, January 16th presentation, Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study, is available herePDF

  • Briana Gallagher, SJRA Flood Management Division, February 20th presentation, Mission and Projects of SJRA's new Flood Management Division, is available herePDF

  • Matt Stahman, Director,  Regulatory for Resource Environmental Solutions (RES), May 21st presentation, The Contentious Definition of WOTUS: Past, Present and Potential Future, is available herePDF and the recording is available here

  • Gary Cacciatore, Business Development Manager / TDL Product Specialist, CEMTEK KVB-Enertec, June 18th presentation, Utilizing Cross Stack Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) and Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) Technology for EPA compliance on NH3, NOx, SO2, CO2 and CO, is available herePDF and the recording was removed at presenter's request.

  • Dr. Latrice Babin, Director, Harris County Pollution Control Services Department and Jeff Saitas, Partner at Saitas and Seales/ Former Executive Director at the TCEQ, July 16th Joint AWMA-GCC TAEP Regulatory Update, Normalization of the Abnormal: Looking at the Pandemic, the Economy, and the Regulatory Environment in Texas, slides for Dr. Babin are available herePDF, slides for Mr. Saitas are available herePDF, and the recording is available here

  • Mona Hazur, Principal Environmental Scientist, Arcadis U.S., August 20th presentation, Bridging the Data Flow Gap in Environmental Compliance and Reporting is available herePDF, and the recording is available here

  • Seth Kellogg, Principal Geologist, and Lori Carter, Principal, Geosyntec Consultants, October 15th presentation, Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) Awareness and Management for Texas is available here and the Q&A is available here soon, unfortunately we had issues with the recording and it is not available.

  • Madelyn Morgan, Conservation Program Coordinator, Circular Economy Program, Austin Resource Recovery, City of Austin, November 19th presentation, [Re]Verse Pitch:  Giving Byproducts a Second Life Through Entrepreneurship, is available herePDF, and the recording is available  here.  Additionally she included some links: [Re]Verse Pitch, Austin’s Circular Economy Story, Circular Economy ‘meet-ups’ (first event on Dec 2), More information about Austin's Circular Economy Program, and Ellen MacArthur Circular Economy explainer video

  •  Luncheon Meeting Presentations can be found on our Archives page