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Join Us for TAEP March Luncheon Meeting (in person and virtual)

Thursday March 21, 2024  

Speaker: Brita Minin, Geologist, Terracon

Topic: Environmental Challenges in the Reused and Recycled Plastic Resin Industry

Speaker: Bio

Brita Minin is a Staff Geologist at Terracon Consultants, Inc. Ms. Minin has a bachelor’s degree in physical geography with a minor in geology from Texas State University and is certified as a geoscientist in training (GIT). She has over eight years of experience in various aspects of geoscience, including core analysis, environmental testing, asbestos fiber analysis, renewable biofuel outreach, and environmental interpretation. Currently, she specializes in environmental compliance and regulation, with experience in developing SPCC, SWPPP, Waste Reduction, Industrial and Hazardous Waste, EPCRA/SARA Tier II, and individual wastewater permitting plans and reports, as well as conducting compliance training, inspections, and assessments. She is passionate about applying her knowledge and skills to help clients solve complex problems and achieve their goals.

 Environmental Challenges in Plastic Resin Manufacturing

Plastic resin manufacturing is a vital industry that produces materials for various applications, from commercial to everyday items. However, this industry also faces significant environmental challenges, such as the use of non-renewable resources, high energy consumption, and end-of-life waste. These challenges pose threats to the environment, society, and the economy, and require urgent solutions. In this presentation, we will explore the current state of plastic resin manufacturing, the main sustainability issues it faces, and the potential ways to address them. We will also discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting sustainable practices in plastic resin manufacturing, and how they can help the industry achieve its goals while minimizing its environmental impact.

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